Find out who you are, and own that mofo.

Hello guys,How are you doing this morning? I know that it's been a while, just wanted to check in with you, and share some of my thoughts as well. These are tough times, and I truly hope that you are keeping well.Speaking of me, I wouldn't say that I am doing great or that I... Continue Reading →

Mental health ..? What?

I understand that I should be writing more frequently, I really want to it's just that I have to many thoughts on my mind and very less tends to come out when I actually start writing.  I would like to make this one thing clear that I am as fucked up in the head as anyone... Continue Reading →

Anxiety’s Lock-down?

I am so confused, I don't know what I want, I don't know how I actually feel or how I wanna feel about everything that's been happening lately, I feel like the three months of quarantine were extremely extremely weird for me because I could feel myself going into depression every single night and then... Continue Reading →

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